“the world of decentralized applications”

ecentralized applications are APPS that run on blockchain technology. They’re permissionless, open-source, and allow the use of cryptocurrency to perform a wide variety of unlimited applications.

Current Mobile phones have different apps. example GMAIL, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM. At the backend, the applications run codes that were…

what in code name is this?

This is a new concept platform, where both non-programmers interested in tech and deep down intense programmers, can create application software through a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and configuration instead of the normalized hard coding designs. Its objective is to expedite the application development…

changing from the normal Antivirus approach to a much better larger detection approach”

he world is a “digital global village” and the most important thing as we centralize everything is the protection of information. The most harmful way of breaching this information is through malware attacks, virus attacks, and zero-day

Does Regional market, the International market fall on the same rule of Information Technology?”……

he pace of digitalization undoubtedly grows to tenfolds every year if not every day, as a result, individuals in the business and IT world are now at the forefront of creating solutions that connect and provide…

In a decentralized market, technology enables investors to deal directly with each other instead of working from a centralized exchange.

There are key advantages of a decentralized market.

  • The absence of intermediary can lead to lower transaction cost
  • They allow for greater transparency between parties
  • Also it reduces hacks as there is single data resource to infiltrate

While there are certain challenges to be solved, decentralized market offer exciting ways for investors to buy & sell directly anywhere in the world.

“//The Middle Man// replacement with Smart Contract

Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. The Programming language used for writing smart contracts in Ethereum is called Solidity Programming language.


when buying a house involves the exchange of title deed after…

“demistifying and defining the different internet protols versions"

Whenever a device or devices connect to the internet, there is assigning of Unique numerical IP address that make it possible for device to connect to the web.

The following is a run down of the different IP protocols ( IPV4, IPV6…

“In the streets of the Tech. World is mostly known as NFTs”

There is a whole wrong misconception relation between NFT and Blockchain. “All arts that are NFT defined are not stored on the Blockchain

Most developers/people think that when you encode a “jpeg” as a string, it is when…

alvin ngota

need to make tech simple with increasing the knowledge on the technology terminology.

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